Chimney Liners: Does Your Home Have One

Always we use our heaters mostly in winter climate or rainy seasons. It’s an old one, so there might be no clay tile in it. Sometimes these are damaged and optimal performance and safety is to be ensured while installing a new one. The Chimney relining had to be approved by CSIA will be incorporated.


In olden days they build with ceramic or clay liner, if it is maintained then it will stay for the long run. But at times the clay may show crevice appears under extreme weather climate.   In recent years, aluminium liners are attached and are very durable, retains heat on the chimney walls are protected. Stainless steel chimney liners are intensely durable, ideal for wood- burning fireplaces. With these liners keeps you and your family safe until the leaf turns blue.

The liner directs the smoke directly to air if there are cracks they will penetrate through it and revert back to your house. As we all know that these gases are hazardous to health. When there is leakage then the cleaners would have to be called for cleaning the chimneys. This leads to trouble of catching fire. The flue in the open end, tend to break out and leads to wastage of fuel and leads to the risk of flue relining.

Also, the chimney must be waterproof to avoid moisture. If there is moisture, then, the burning of the sap woods will be delayed and leave more amount of residues.

Different chimneys have different fuel usage, also certain liners are suitable for certain type of chimney. To give a small example, aluminium liners for gas fireplaces and steel liners for wood burning ones if it is reversed there may be reverting of the fire residues.

Always chimney inspection is to be done every six months once if it was checked by the professionally trained sweeps from a recognised institute, they would lead to health issues.

Definitely chimney sweeps can be considered and discussed on the chimney liners to prevent any soot, or creosote will be deposited leading.

It is an unchangeable truth that chimney lining is very much necessary. When the new wooden chimneys are installed excessive carbon monoxide residues can lead to greater risk of the chimney fire at your home.

Always the chimney flue should be less than three times of the cross-sectional area of stove’s flue collar. Thus, the heating unit is cooled, they might spill out. Also, if the flue is more than three times it might damage the chimney itself.

How to find the damage in a chimney repair lining? It’s very must tough and is to be shown by the cleaning sweeper, but when the damage is very severe then crumbled clay can be noticed and all these are to be removed before installing the fresh and new one.

Thus, it is always safe to have a liner to be protecting not only your family but also your chimney and house along with its goods. Be aware and be protected with the regular guidance of Chimney lining company.



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